A Little Bit About My 1st Trimester

My first trimester began with spending 90% of my time in the bathroom and from then on the bathroom and I were inseparable haha

Let me just start off by saying that everyone’s pregnancy journey is different. Obviously a lot of the symptoms are common but not everyone has the same symptoms. During the beginning of my pregnancy everyone told me horror stories about their first trimesters and I was paranoid through out because I was waiting for something terrible to happen. Initially I was in a daze… I didn’t really FEEL pregnant so I would never act it either and I was visiting my parents during my first trimester so I was always busy and never got time to actually sit and think about everything.

Initially when I went to see my doctor she did say I was underweight and I was very worried about that because for me thats always been a problem and I didn’t want anything to happen to the baby because of me. So I really stepped up my game when it came to my diet and incorporated the Ensure drinks into my daily diet. Ensure really helped stabilize my weight and I ended up loving it after a while.

I remember the first time I actually felt pregnant was during a weekend trip to NY to visit family. The trip itself was by road and I wasn’t prepared for how tiring it would be for me during pregnancy. During the trip I ended up getting constipated and boy did it suck. That was my first time dealing with constipation and I literally felt like I was about to die. Although it only lasted for a day It was a wake up call for sure because before that I would spend all day in bed and wouldn’t have any form of excercise. So after that episode I began walking daily, nothing extreme just after every meal so that I would digest my food properly.

For the most part I think my first trimester was spent getting used to the fact that I was pregnant and mentally preparing myself for the baby. Even though I really wanted to get pregnant it’s a scary feeling when you actually are pregnant because you have a million things running through your head. I was most concerned with the babies health but I also learnt to prioritize mine as well because I had to be at my best for the delivery in 9 months.

I do remember the constant need to WANT to throw up and I put emphasis on the word want because I only really had proper morning sickness probably once or twice during my entire pregnancy and that was mostly because of indigestion. But as soon as I had my breakfast I would feel sick to my stomach and would have to gag it out in the sink and eventually ended up burping instead of throwing up. My parents and husband laughed at me for making such a scene over it but I swear it was a terrible feeling.

Overall my first trimester was just a mix of emotions and constantly needing to pee. I had no cravings just yet and mostly just ate my normal meals but maybe just a little bit more. Towards the end of my first trimester though I was low-key addicted to ice-cream cups around this time) I would force my mom to go to Walmart and buy a big bag of them almost every week.

These are a few pictures from my first trimester 🙂

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