Why Pakistan ?


I was thinking about what to post about all day today and I decided why not talk a little bit about my time living in Pakistan. Now growing up I always wanted to live in Pakistan because for me that was my happy place… that was the place my mind went to when someone would ask me where’s the one place you’d go to get away from life and everything that goes along with it and instantly I’d think Pakistan. Why Pakistan you ask because well for me at the time as a teenager it was the one place we’d go to for long summer holidays and I had many fond memories there of my childhood so the link was only natural but the love I had for it grew over the years. As I grew older I felt like this is where I belong… this is home to me. I used to walk out of the airplane into the airport and breath a sigh of relief every single time we arrived. My friends and family would always question me and ask me what was so special and till this day I can’t tell you it’s just a feeling. Then why leave it ? That you’ll have to find out in the next post haha oooo that was a good cliffhanger right ?

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