Why Pakistan? Cont…


We left with the big question of why we decided to leave Pakistan. This country that I love so much why the big move. There are pros and cons to every country but there were more cons than pros in this case because we weren’t alone we had two kids to think about. I know there are so many families who live a good life over there but for us our future always was outside of Pakistan. We just didn’t see our family settling down there. We didn’t feel like this country was at that point where we could raise our kids there and be happy with the environment they were being raised in. No offense to everyone who does live their and is raising their kids their I applaud you because it’s not easy. To be honest it’s not easy anywhere anymore but you need to remember I was born and raised surrounded by AMERICAN culture … yes ofcourse my own culture is and was deep rooted within me but what was comfortable to me was a mish mosh of both cultures and that is just who I am. Call it ABCD or whatever you want to but that’s me. I felt like I’d be able to better make sense of raising my children in a country where I felt like I had the upper hand. I had the know how. I knew the ins and outs of that place. So I won’t bad mouth Pakistan because honestly this whole world is crap now and we just need to be aware and cautious no matter where we are but some decisions as a parent you take for the well being of your children and for your own growth as an individual in life. Who knows we may or may not move back one day but for now this is our new chapter and I’m so excited to start it.

P.S. I left you with a cliffhanger because I had to go to sleep okay ! Itni intense story nahi hai ❤️

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