Thoughts On My Blogging Journey


The one thing I learnt in the 3 years I have been on this blogging journey is when it’s no longer fun anymore thats when you know that you have reached a point where you are just putting out content because you don’t want to seem like you aren’t working hard on the blog. Ye blog mainay followers, ya views ke liye nahi wapis shuru kiya. I started it back up because I love how you can connect with people just like you and in same situations as you. Whether it may be moms like me or girls like me I just love when someone relates to what I’m going through in life. I have put a new rule in place for myself and this blog. Rule ye hai ke jab dil chayai ga post karun aur agar nahi cha raha zabardasti na karun apne saath. Bas plain and simple. In order for me to be genuine with my content I need this platform to be carefree and a place where I can express myself without worrying about deadlines and due dates. I recently left a support pod in which many mommy bloggers took part in engaging in eachothers content. Patha hai kyun… kyun ke I felt bad ke I joined aur main un saron ko apna proper time nahi de pa rahi thi. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t because daily routine abhi ijazat nahi de rahi. So I left the group and I apologized for not engaging as much as I should have. I also left the group because rule ye tha that you had to like, comment, follow eachother. Ab mera masla ye hai that I only like comment or follow someones page if I really truly like their content. I cannot do the whole fake engagement scene. Baki bloggers shahid kar saktay ho likin mere se nahi hota. Sirf 20 likes ki khatir I can’t be fake. I know ke all of you participating in that group were most probably being genuine I’m sure but main khud nahi ho pa rahi thi. Isi liye I’m sorry maaf kar de na. Last point I’d like to make is some of you all get triggered when I re post the negative messages that are sent to me by followers who don’t seem to agree with what I say. So my advice to those followers is simply this. Unfollow Me ✌️ Khuda Hafiz 🙏 P.S. This picture is from 2016 when we got stuck in Ireland for one day on our way to Pakistan

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