Ramadan Mubarak


Ramadan Mubarak ⭐️

I wanted to come on here and talk about religion. Yes I know it’s a topic people really don’t want to discuss on a public platform because they don’t want to trigger the trolls but I think what I’m about to say is important. Growing up I saw different degress of religion matlab ke har koi aik jaisay nahi hai. Everyone has a different level of connection with Allah and with their deen(religion). Isi liye ye khayal rakhna zaroori hai ke hum aik dusray ke level of iman ko judge na karain. In this holy month instead of judging others let’s instead pray for eachother and look past the fact that some aren’t as religious as others. Whether you are fasting or not, praying or not, reading quran or not it shouldn’t matter to eachother but instead we as Muslims should try to better ourselves before focusing on others flaws. So for all those who are fasting I hope and pray your rozas go well and for all those who are trying to be better muslims and better people and to increase their knowledge on Islam or their love for Allah I hope that you are succesful in that because Allah(swt) is the most forgiving, the most merciful. Your duas will be heard none the less isi liye is maheenay meri puri koshish hai not be annoying to my mama who does so much for her family and mine and to bug her a little less during her rozas 😂 Aur koi ye koshish kar raha hai ? single or married our mamas are always our punching bags tho is Ramadan unko apni duaon main aur dil main bhi yaad rakhain please 🙏😂 Jokes apart I hope you all have a blessed Ramadan from my family to yours ❤️🙏 P.S. This picture is from my engagement days jab sab blogging ka shawk charha tha likin phir chor diya mainay because shaadi prepa are tiring 😩

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