Normal ? What Does That Mean To You ?


NORMAL … What does that word mean to you ? Our desi society has made it a point that if you dont follow a play by play of what they consider a good life path to be then something is wrong and something is off. If you stray from that pre designed path you are labeled as a “rebel” or you are told you aren’t “normal”. Not all of us fit the mold of society some of us are meant to push past cultural norms and create our own path and identity in society but for that to happen it takes a lot of patience. A lot of time spent caring less about what others have to say and more about doing what makes YOU happy. The pressure gets added even more when you aren’t fitting into that mold AND you’re married. The media gets alerted about your where abouts and decisions like your name is Donald Trump 😂 You begin to be told you aren’t a good spouse or daughter or son because you aren’t doing what you SHOULD be doing. My question is are we living life to please others or ourselves? Is this life just a collage of broken dreams and validating expectations set by a society that has so many cracks that they need a whole new generation to stand up and say “normal” for YOU may not be “normal” for me. My whole life although my parents were more liberal than others societal norms always weighed down on me. What I should or shouldn’t do would always be compared to the girl standing next to me. Women empowerement was never a thing … it was never even a thought because it wasn’t…. NORMAL. I am so proud of how far we as women have come … whether it’s being a housewife or a CEO… we have come so far in our thinking and standing up for what we believe because believe me this culture we are a part of & the society we live in can send you back a few decades and tell you to stay in the kitchen and to have “sabr” without any hesitation so the fact that we are raising awareness and breaking cultural and societal norms makes me so happy. Was there ever a time you were told what you were doing wasn’t “normal” ? Let me know in the comments below

P.S. This picture is from my babymoon when I was pregnant with Zoe almost 2 years ago 🥳

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