May 1st (Life Update)


It’s been a few days since I posted on here and I honestly had a blast not worrying about scheduled posts. This past week my family went out of town for a wedding while I got to have some alone time with my teething trouble maker you all know as Hamzi. He behaved well thank God but it was also my first time apart from Zoe and even tho it was aik din ki judaiyi I still felt that feeling of being incomplete without my little monster. The best feeling was when she came back home and saw me after one whole day haha. I am so used to having both kids around that when one is missing in action I feel incomplete. Hamzi has officially started teething which means long nights and early morning wake up calls haha. Today was his 8 month checkup and he behaved so well (peep the spiderman bandaids). Hope you all are following the daily dose of my two munchkins on my stories because thats where I will be posting most of the time.

P.S. Just ignore my messy mom bun and pretend like I have perfectly styled hair in this picture haha

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