Main Agaiyi Hun


So I just came across a few Pakistan Day posts and got mad at myself for not preparing anything for today or yesterday I mean and yes I know I’m late but kya karun I was busy and ab baraan baj ne walay hain and I finally got the time to post after a day of chores and baby duties isi liye ye picture post kar rahi hu because content hain nahi sirf purani pics hain but this picture is perfect aaj ke liye because this is my favorite spot in the whole world. Meray nana nani ka ghar and specifically the roof of their house. Why? You ask because lately you all have been asking way too many questions 😂 batati hu ! This spot right here is the spot I’d come to the morning after I’d arrive in Lahore for my summer holidays. I’d wake up before the sun rose (Jetlag ki waja se) and I’d come up here even agar bohat garmi bhi hoti thi I still would and sink in the fact that “main agaiyi hun” because to me this home felt most like home to me. Pakistan always has and always will feel like home to me and I will always have so much love for this country and specially Lahore ke liye ❤️ I grew up and fell in love in this city and then got married and moved here so to me this city and this country was and always is close to my heart 🥰

P.S. My brother took this picture on my mayoun days ☀️

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