Intro Post in Collab w/ @desicorporatemom


I’ve been nominated by @desicorporatemom to do an intro post and I mean who am I to pass up the opp when I barely have any new content haha

I’m Anam Adeel and I’m a stay at home mom of 2 under 2 🥰. I entered into blogging around 2 years ago but was on and off due to my comfortablity level here on insta and finally decided to go for it this year and have come to have made many friends through this platform. I was born and raised in America and moved to Pakistan shaadi ke baad but Im moving back to America abhi with my hubby and kids.

What Inspires Me To Blog:

My love for writing is my main inspiration. Kuch ho na ho writing will always be there for me to express myself and in doing so find a mutual connection with my fellow bloggers. My fellow mom bloggers and the moms I know in my day to day life inspire me. The people that inspire me the most are my family and friends who each play a vital role in my life and also help fuel my creativity.

What’s My Positivity Booster:

This question should ask who not what because my positivity booster is 100% my husband or my mom. Both these people encourage me to look on the bright side of things and to focus on the positives not the negatives and learn from whatever may come.

What I Would Advise Myself:

I would advise myself to stay consistent with my content and dont worry too much about follower counts because well quality > quantity am I right? Also to just go with the flow because I never do and plan plan plan aur kabhi wo plan bilkul usi tarhan nahi complete hotha so zyada planning math karo sab kuch theek hi hoga iA

The Food I Can’t Refuse Even With A Full Stomach:

This would be a long list but ok challo I’ll name a few: Tiramisu, Pharata, & Pizza

I nominate:

@faizaali @ramshaapasha @maryumlikes

P.S. This picture is from 2015 shaadi se pehle in my old house here in America… me trying to be extra filmy poking my head out from behind a tree 😂

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