First Day On My Own


Today was the first day I managed to take care of both kids on my own. Apart from the major back pain I feel like I just passed the biggest test. I have one whole week ahead of me. I realized ever since I had both kids I have never been alone … someone has always been there for me. I felt lucky to have had that support system in place because not many people do. Having help as a mom is the biggest blessing that you can sometimes take for granted. Whether it was my FIL feeding my daughter fruit or my mom putting both kids to sleep or my dad buying and making every baby item known to man or my MIL shopping for cute clothes for the kids or my husband coming home from work and doing the night duties someone would somehow manage the kids with me but today I was on my own. I had hired a nanny but as my son screamed and cried and my daughter clung to me I realized they don’t want her they want me. Although I was tired and needed a break my heart filled with love and the feeling of being needed by these cute humans got me through the day. I thoroughly enjoyed their company and am looking forward to do this daily because the gratification you get from taking care of your kids on your own is on a whole other level. I admit I don’t mind having the extra help but just knowing I can do it on my own makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. Alhumdulillah ❤️ P.S. This pic is from winter time when we were in Pakistan and would spend all day playing outside with my munchykinz 🥰

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