Am I On Trend Yet ?


Yakeen nahi araha mujhe that I can put together an outfit like this… believe me I’m a sweatpants t-shirt daily kinda girl ask my entire family and sasural. So for me this is a big deal. Scene ye tha ke I was helping my mom sort through puranay kapray and came across a few hidden gems and my mind started working and a light bulb went off in my head after seeing a few of these pieces ! I have a pretty basic and simple style and I rarely go out of the box but this for me is out of the box. I am never on trend and I feel like this look is very on trend correct me if Im wrong. Jootay nahi pehnay huay because ghar pe thi wasn’t really going anywhere in this very moment but I am so proud of myself for making the effort and getting tyaar. Days go by and when you’re a mother you get busy and tend to neglect yourself so kabhi kabhi I like to spice things up for myself so I have something to look forward to aur aaj ki spice is outfit our tyaari se ayi hai. Dil cha raha tha to go all out and do a proper photoshoot because written content zyaada hai aur visual content bilkul bhi nahi hai. So I told myself enough is enough Anam abhi nahi tho phir kab? Let me know if you have these random glam days or are you a bore like ME ?

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