Lather Rinse Repeat


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Ever since I became a mom I felt as though time was slipping through my fingers. Every moment flew by and the next one just passed through within a short span of time while you are left reminicising at the end of the day about all these beautiful memories you just made within just a few hours. Although most of us are stuck in what feels like a lather rinse repeat type routine. We tend to look past the key elements of what makes a memory. Like a childs first giggle… a loving hug from your husband… a cup of tea with your mom… a phone call with your bestfriend. Anything can leave a little sparkle and shine in your daily routine. Today for me was just the same as it was yesterday an overflow of baby chores and dirty diapers but in it of itself I found bits & pieces of the day where I would hold onto that moment for just a little longer so I can be present and enjoy it to it’s fullest. Today I cherished Zoe’s hugs and kisses because I don’t get enough ever since Hamzi was born and everytime I do my heart melts. What part of your day did you cherish most ? Let me know in the comments below ❤️ P.S. My mom just took this picture and I realized I’m so busy taking pictures of the kids being kids I barely have any pictures of me being a mom 😂

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