Addressing Pre Marriage Jitters

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I asked you all in my stories about what topics you wanted me to discuss on here and someone asked being scared of getting married considering how many marriages are failing these days. In my books a failed marriage is one in which the husband and the wife put no effort and work into the marriage and it just dies down with time and eventually they just give up. I can’t narrow down the specifics as every marriage is different, every relationship is different but if the main parts of marriage aren’t there then there is no marriage except for it being written on paper. A good marriage is based on trust, loyalty, respect, communication and dher sara pyaar when you put in the effort to bring forth all these elements into your marriage then it can become something worth investing your time & feelings into… the reason I said good & not succesful is because marriage isnt a pass/fail scenario it is a commitment you make to one another. If you contributed your all to the marriage and it still doesn’t work you haven’t failed … you tried and you know what trying is a lot considering some men and women dont even try to make it work they are habitually stubborn. So look past the pass/fail element and as husband & wife go into marriage with a positive mindset because thats what will help fuel the success you seek. Remember everyone defines success differently so no marriage is quote on quote perfect/succesful in any case.

This picture is from my Nikkah 🙂

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