Back In America

Finally attended our first dawaat after returning back to America and I literally feel like a bag of bricks just dropped on me after having to hold Hamzi and run after Zoe at the same time. On top of that we had to get dressed, get both kids dressed, pack the diaper bag and load them into the car … it was a whole ordeal haha I officially want to stay at home for the next month on the couch after tonight 🙈 I know I’m supposed to be getting used to going out with both kids but why does it have it be such a hassle ? Anyways I’m proud of myself for looking somewhat decent even though I couldn’t experiment with my makeup and just did the bare minimum I was still happy to see myself looking like a pretty human being instead of the couch potato I look like on a daily. Hamzi changed into a onesie half way through the party and Zoe hated us for making her wear this dress 😂 I can’t wait for the hubby to get here because parenting alone is so draining 🙈🤧🤯

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