Babies VS Awaam


I always wanted a daughter … I was so relieved the moment my OBGYN told me I was having a baby girl. My heart filled with so much love and excitment I couldn’t handle it. I was over the moon happy. I didn’t realize that some treat giving birth to a baby girl like the first half of a bollywood movie… abhi picture baki hai boss because everyone starts expecting a son to pop out of you the minute you have a baby girl. Why ? Then once you finally do pop one out your daughter instantly gets turned into a bride and your son a doctor because thats just what they should be right ? WRONG ! We need to let our kids break stereotypes and change culture and create their own paths in life instead of labeling them as soon as they come out of the womb. If we stamp them with our expectations or societies expectations for that matter from the get go they won’t have a chance to even think for themselves properly because in the back of their mind their pinacle of success will always be what society sets as “The best of the best”. Remember when your teacher would ask you in school what do you want to be when you grow up ? … well the day my kids answer that question with an open mind and a heart full of passion I will be proud of whatever answer they give. As women our sole purpose in life isn’t to produce kids and raise them and thats coming from a stay at home mom… we have dreams, goals and aspirations and we have every right to achieve them. So empower yourselves and empower the women and young girls in your life to achieve their goals and dreams.

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