How Pakistani Society Effects Our Marriage

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I want to discuss an important topic today. Our pakistani society and the way it effects the life of a married woman. In this modern day world our society has come a long way but at the same time is stuck in it’s backward ways. We tend to put a checkmark next to every “normal” person and a question mark next to those that are a little different in their ways. My question is WHY? Why can’t we break the rules a little that society has set. Ye na karo vo karo type of mentality has to go someday right why not today ? why not because of you and me ? because if we don’t stop this who will ? Our generation is stuck in a time where we see our parents generation living with their mindsets and then we see our generation living with our own mindsets and somehow we get stuck deciding which one of us is correct. It’s actually really life altering if you think about it. First you get married which isn’t easy at all you have to learn the ins and outs of marriage at a rapid pace according to our society to be the “perfect ideal couple” then you get told okay now you have to learn how to handle a home or make a home. All these steps are placed in a chai ka platter and handed to you sweetly with a few biscuits and you are told Ja simran jee le apni zindagi like it’s that easy haha. The pressure our society puts on our marriage being “succesful” is way too much for anyone to handle so Im urging all the young couples, all the newly engaged women, all the women struggling to keep their marriage together to take a step back and analyze your marriage and figure out what works for you and your husband together because at the end of the day no one is going to be happy with your choices in this society … so it’s better you create your own path and you follow that path with determination and trust in Allah that Allah will make everything easy for you because honestly we should be making up the rules, we should be learning as we go along because nothing in life gets handed to you on a silver platter everything in life is thrown on you like the ice bucket challenge aik dum se and out of nowhere BAM thats life for you. So communicate with eachother, support eachother, love eachother and most importantly forget societies idea of a perfect marriage because a perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on eachother.

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