Qualities Of A Good S/O Collab

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@a_plethora_of_moms_life discussed on her stories about how someone she followed was talking about the qualities she wants in her significant other and one of the qualities this girl mentioned was he must have an Audi car. Materialism when it comes to marriage doesn’t work out in the long run. Your life partner is more than just a car or a house or any material object for that matter he is a piece of you, a reflection of the life you want to live. So wouldn’t you rather have someone with a big heart and an inclusive mind. Our youth and my generation is so fixated on materialistic things we tend to forget that picking a partner isn’t the same as picking the next best car. Things will get old and turn into garbage but people grow and become either good human beings or not so good human beings so think past all this and focus on the bigger picture. I remember writing down a list of what I wanted in my dream husband and when it came down to it the list didn’t matter and is probably crumpled away in some highschool binder what mattered was he was who I saw myself with for the rest of my life. I have created a list of what I think women of my generation and younger should look for in your life partner>>>

Qualities You Should Look For:

⁃ Is respectful not just to you but to everyone in his life (For ex: elders, siblings, friends, boss, coworkers)

⁃ Polite

⁃ Kind

⁃ Generous

⁃ Has a big heart

⁃ Open Minded

⁃ Compromising

⁃ Loving

⁃ Supportive

⁃ Fun

⁃ Knows how to save for the future

⁃ Family Oriented but can balance his social life with his family life

⁃ Selfless

These are a few qualities I made sure my hubby had and still has because lets be honest no one is perfect and you can’t expect someone to be perfect when us women are definitley not at all perfect. So forget the Audi because an Audi won’t keep you happy but a good husband will 🙂 I still forget what car my husband, FIL or even dad for that matter drives and I dont even care. ✌️

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