My Rukhsati Story

I think the moment it really hit me was when I was watching my family from the stage with the worst expressions on their face as soon as it was time for me to get up. My mom just fled the scene and later on once I got the pictures I saw she was standing in a corner crying and my brother & dad took me all the way out to the car. The two people that made me cry the most were my dad & my nana (maternal grandfather). My dad and I always argued over everything and I was a total mamas girl from my teens till my wedding so when it came time for me to officially leave my home and go on to my new home it really hit me how much I loved him. He was and is my rock and I always go to him if I’m sick or just going through something in life and need guidance. My brother was my constant companion through life and always let me be the favorite child even though he was clearly the better child because let’s be honest Im a mess 😂 But out of everyone my mom was the one person I made sure I didn’t make eye contact with because I would have never been able to get in that car. She is my bestfriend and was the most sad out of everyone at my wedding. Actually the day of my rukhsati she came to the salon with me to get ready and we both started crying there. In hindsight that was smart because we let it all out before so we didn’t make a scene at the actual rukhsati. I stopped crying about a few minutes after we waved goodbye to everyone and left only because I knew I had to go home and take pictures and we payed too much for this makeup for me to ruin it over TEARS 😂 I wasn’t even allowed to have sleepovers so leaving home for me was life altering to say the least.

Here are a few pictures from my Rukhsati:

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