Toddlers First Wedding

Since it’s wedding season here in Pakistan I thought I’d post about the trials and tribulations of taking your baby to a wedding. In my case I waited a good year before taking my little one to a wedding because I just felt I wasn’t ready to multi task to that extreme. I dreaded having to take my daughter to a party let alone a wedding. I decided now or never because when I looked back at my childhood pictures I saw countless amounts of pictures of me at various weddings having the time of my life as a little toddler. I felt she was finally ready to graduate from party mode to wedding mode specially since she could walk now. The next thing I had to do was make sure her schedule was uninterrupted to the best of my abilities. By that I mean she was fed and bathed on time. Nap time could be dragged out a little but the main hurdles of the day are her meals and her bath time. Desi weddings bless us with 3 whole events which means getting ready 3 times back to back sometimes. Not too fun when you’re a mama. I decided to skip out on the third day and attend just two of the events which were the mehndi and the valima. The mehndi was happening at dinner time and the valima was a day time event. So two different timings were to be tackled and I didn’t have high hopes for either because it was my first attempt. The first day started off with me making sure she was fed and bathed at the right time so I could go to the salon on time and come back on time. By the time I came back from the salon she was already cranky and so I had to get ready while she was running around the room throwing things here and there. It’s the price I had to pay to look good in that moment. Then I had to pack her bag which meant taking a big bulky bag of crap that I may or may not need which included: Diapers, Wipes, A bottle of milk and tons of cookies. A piece of advice for all mamas out there do not wear heels if you’re attending a wedding with your baby ! Flats are forever your best friend at this point ! I made sure I was in flats so I could run after the little beast. By the time we reached the venue she had already thrown about one or two tantrums along the way. The tantrums immediatley stopped once she heard the dhol and saw the horses. She was a little confused once we entered the tent for the mehndi but after a little convincing she was on her feet and saying “Hi” to everybody. She even enjoyed the loud music and dances which I never expected her to enjoy but she wanted me to hold her so she could watch and dance along. Once the food was served she sipped on a bottle of sprite along with us and watched the guests talk and laugh. I was so proud of her for behaving so well. The next day I skipped out on the baraat and we attended the valima on the following day which was a day event. Now the problem with a day event was it happened to be at the same time as her nap time so I had to prepare myself for the possibility of a major melt down. To my surprise nothing like that happened. Again she thoroughly enjoyed herself and even had some soup ! haha I realized I was panicking for no reason. She even played with a few of her friends to pass the time and ran around the hall a little. Thankfully she didn’t ruin the brides entrance and kept mostly to herself or stayed nearby. I was so happy to have taken her to her first wedding and I can’t wait to take her to many more in the future. Im going to attach a few pictures from both days below 🙂

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