Thought #1: Stepping Into The Shallow End

Every blogger expresses their opinions on life differently and each blogger has their own identity in the stratosphere of the internet. Those of us that have the ability to put our thoughts into words write out whatever is going on up in our heads. We think of ourselves as modern day philosiphers only to be relating to all the mainstream first world problems going on out their. I want to put out their the idea that none of us are correct as bloggers we just have our own path that we share with our readers. Some may agree with us and some may disagree but ultimately we leave our readers to reflect on the topic at hand. As an amateur blogger I’m stepping into the shallow end of blogging by experimenting with new ideas for the blog and one which we all love to do most with our friends and family. TALK !! In my weekly Gup Shup sessions I’ll be talking about anything and everything that sets of that little light bulb in my head. Maybe just maybe one day in the future I’ll find myself diving into the deep end amongst a whirlpool of experienced bloggers.

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