How To Survive A Long Distance Engagement | As Told by Anam |

The beginning of every married couple starts with an engagement. Beyond exchanging rings and meeting the in laws there is that wonderful time that you spend before your marriage in utter bliss. UNLESS YOU’RE DOING LONG DISTANCE… That’s a whole other story. Where do I begin….

Living on opposite sides of the world can be a bit of a challenge. Although the parties and get togethers will happen all at once the after effects are what gets to you. Speaking from my own experience it wasn’t easy being apart there are a lot of things you miss out on and a lot of things that you learn during that period of time.

Here are a few survival methods for any recently engaged couples out there who are miles apart from each other:

1. SKYPE will be your best friend for however many months or even years you spend apart.

You will spend more time on Skype then in the real world. Your parents and friends will find you both hibernating in your rooms like bears during winter time only to have to drag you out and enjoy your last few days as a single man or woman.



Sometimes just seeing that the days are passing by helps you to breathe a little and you can send your S/O updates on how many days are left until you guy’s see each other again.



Receiving letters may seem old fashioned but for a long distance couple you can only imagine the joy of receiving something from your fiancé whether it’s a letter every month or a gift it makes your day and by the time your engagement period is over you have a box full of things to remember this time by.


Planning your wedding is by far the biggest distraction. You have max a few months or a year to plan your ideal wedding so better get started and if you’re partner in crime isn’t with you it’s much easier to split the tasks and get things done without the constant bickering and difference of opinions. Maintain a routine and focus on the task at hand because planning a wedding is no joke.


Spending time with family is the best anecdote for those days when you feel like crawling into bed and waiting till the day of your flight back. It’s okay we all go through it but your family will always want to spend every waking moment with you considering you’ll be moving away soon. So take advantage of this time and spend as much of it with the ones you love the most & you’ll cherish each moment.

It’s not easy being separated from your other half but it will only strengthen your bond as a couple if you grow from this experience. Don’t spend your days whining every time  you see a happy couple walking the streets but instead you should be making every day count. Learn to balance your time and activities and the time will fly by. Before you know it you will be reunited and some other poor soul who just got engaged to someone who’s now miles away from them will be glaring at you while you go on dates with your S/O. 😛

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