Reign Seasons 1-3 Review

My husband and I needed a show to watch together and as we were browsing the options on netflix I came across this show that I liked for myself little did I know how hooked we would both get to the show. To judge a show you must first judge the pilot because the pilot holds the underlying gist of the entire show. The characters were strong and drew your attention into the show and the storyline had many twists and turns that you weren’t expecting. Reign is one of those shows that you can binge watch and finish within a few weeks and we did just that.

**** SPOILER ALERT *****

The show centers around the reign of Mary Queens Of Scotts and her alliance with France. Staying true to her alliance she is engaged to the dauphin Francis who is King Henry’s son and the heir to the Valois throne. She has been living in France ever since she was a little girl under the care of nuns while her mother Mary Of Guise rules Scotland on behalf of Mary who is the true Queen Of Scotland. The pilot shows a young Mary making her journey to french court with her ladies in waiting Lola, Kenna, Aylee & Greer.

The show begins to unravel the past of both Francis and Mary who were childhood friends and the moment the two meet it’s like there is instant connection between them. At first the two mutually agree that they have to play the part of an engaged couple for the sake of the alliance but then the rest is history. Francis’s love for Mary grows within each episode but Mary is lost between her love for Francis and her life in court. She also is intrigued by Francis’s half brother Bash who seems to be equally in love with Mary.

The show begins to get good when we learn of a prophecy told by the court seer Nostradamus and he has seen that the reason of Francis’s death will be Mary. The strongest character by far in the whole show is Catherine De Medici who is Francis’s Mother and King Henry’s wife. She plays a big role in the first season and in the other two seasons she holds her ground as a character. Not only is her acting flawless but her portrayal of kings wife is outstanding.

The story then follows the misfortune of the prophecy and how Mary and Francis deal with what lies ahead for them in the future. You also get a look into the lives of Mary’s ladies who set forth with her on this journey to french court. The scandal, mystery and intrigue aren’t just for the “high born” but also for those that reside with them.

In season 3 you’re brought the riveting character of Elizabeth who is the Queen Of England and Mary’s cousin. She wishes death upon Mary so she can one day take Mary’s throne and we follow both these women on their journey to see who’s reign will last.

It’s one of those shows that perfectly encompasses everything in the story line while still staying true the era. I never was into political intrigue but it’s like a political version of Gossip Girl. The fashion in the show has a modern twist to it and I applaud their costume designer for making each outfit of Mary’s stand out from her wedding day outfit to her most recent ones. I can’t wait for season 4 to premiere so my husband and I can once again start binge watching the show to no end.


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