My Thoughts On The Honeymania Shower Gel By The Body Shop

Every month I invest in a good body wash or scrub and I don’t buy in bulk because I like to experiment with new scents and products. Lately I have been obsessing over anything and everything honey related. Along with the many health benefits of honey the best part about it is it’s rich smell. I love the sweet smell of honey and this shower gel is true to its name. You will step out of the shower smelling like you’re coated with honey. It’s a soap free shower gel and is rich in lather upon application. According to The Body Shop website it contains organically harvested community trade honey from wild flowers in the Ethiopian forest. If that doesn’t sell you on this body wash I don’t know what will. I usually go for a floral scents when it comes to body wash’s or scrubs but I was sold on this one instantly when I smelt it.


If you want to pamper yourself on a regular basis this is the product for you ! It is easy on the wallet and makes you feel like you’re at the spa 🙂

     Whenever I see any product that has honey in it :p

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