The Benefits & Uses Of Cocoa Butter | As Told by Anam |

Pamper and Protect your skin by applying cocoa butter.

I keep a bottle of Palmers Cocoa Butter in my shower at all times. I apply it once over every time I take a shower and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated especially during the winter time when my skin tends to get dry.  There are many forms of cocoa butter as it’s becoming a big hit in the cosmetic industry but I prefer using the lotion.


You can also buy pure cocoa butter and make your own diy concoctions. Here are a few benefits and uses of cocoa butter:


– It’s a natural moisturizer (Naturally Heals Dry Skin)

– It melts at room temperature which makes it ideal for skin application

– It adds a protective layer of hydration to the skin

– It is rich in Vitamin E

– Great for sensitive or eczema prone skin.


– You can mix it with other essential oils such as argan oil, castor oil and jojoba oil to and apply it to the skin to create an ultimate moisturizer.

– Pure Cocoa Butter can be used a lip moisturizer as well by mixing coconut oil in it to create a home made lip balm.

– If you ran out of shaving cream palmers cocoa butter lotion can be used as a shaving cream.

– Regular use will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth

P.S. You will end up smelling like you spent the whole day baking batches of cookies and cupcakes in the kitchen 🙂 That smell is the reason I fell in love with cocoa butter.



  1. I love palmers coconut butter products! I currently use the palmers covonut butter stretch mark spray! (Although it give me heart burn- help me) I love it on my skin! Never leaves the skin oily or tacky. I recommend these products for all women! Great post

    Would love for you to check out my blog x

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