The Wings Series Review

I recently finished reading this series and I must say it grew to be one of my favorites. I love young adult fantasy and it’s all that I read I haven’t really branched out when it comes to reading different genres but I’m hoping to once I continue with writing book reviews on this blog.

This series is about a girl named Laurel who finds out that she is a Faerie and the adventure she sets upon with her friends and family all at the same time learning about her hidden life and the hidden world of Avalon.

Review: This series had all the elements I look for when it comes to the books I pick. It had the epic love triangle, the evil villain, the damsel in distress situations, and ofcourse the unraveling of a new magical world. The author of all four books Aprilynne Pike does a wonderful job describing each plot twist and each scene of events including the action scenes. The story itself starts out light hearted but leaves you wanting more and developing a connection with all of the characters. The ending was well written and as a reader you want a clean finish to the series and that is exactly what the author gave in this series. She eloquently finished the series with a beautiful ending and also added a little spark at the end for readers like me who want a little more even after the story is over.


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