TV Show Recommendation !!!!

I recently started Season 1 of Witches Of East End. When it first came out I tried getting into it but at the time was watching wayyyy too many shows to keep up with. I finally got the chance to sit down and get started on this series and let me tell you its worth watching. This show is basically a modern day version of Charmed just replace Alyssa Milano with Jenna Dewan. The storyline is a bit different than Charmed. Ofcourse it revolves around the lives of 4 witches. Joanna, Wendy, Ingrid & Freya are witches that have been cursed for life. Joanna is the mother of Ingrid & Freya and her curse is that she is immortal and has to give birth to her girls and watch them die as they reach age of 30 and she has been repeating this cycle for centuries. Everytime Ingrid & Freya are reborn Joanna introduces them to their magical powers only to see their demise because of those powers. This time around Joanna decided that she would spare herself the loss of her girls and the burden of the powders on the girls by not telling them they were witches. Of course the girls find out and are set with the challenge of learning about their new abilities and hiding their true identities from all who they love. Along with these 3 powerful witches is Joannas sister Wendy who’s cursed with 9 lives and is here to help the girls get familiar with their powers and also protect them from any danger with the help of her sister Joanna. The show is based on a novel published in 2011 by Melissa De La Cruz. The link to the series premiere promo is located below:

Series Premiere Promo YOUTUBE LINK:





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