Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Review


I read this book 2 months back and of course it had to be my first book review considering how amazing it was. Im sorry for such a short review but I didn’t want to give out any spoilers.

Thank You J.K. Rowling for yet another masterpiece. There are little parts through out the book that would give any and every Harry Potter fan joy. Coming back to this world, these characters & this story is a readers dream. It’s like meeting a long lost friend. I still remember staying up past my bedtime flipping through the pages of each and every one of the Harry Potter books only to want more up until the last page of the last book and because of this book I finally got the chance to have a look into the life of these beloved characters once again. Can’t imagine a life without Harry Potter.


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  1. Personally I loved it because I didn’t get my hopes up if it matched the level of the actual Harry Potter series or not. Initially I was very catiouse about reading it too but decided to give it a chance. Fan fic or not it really wasnt as bad as other recent young adult books out there but everyones opinion varies about this one. I gave it a 10/10 because I thought it completed all my requirements when it comes to reimagining the world of Harry Potter. I agree there were some key elements missing but it didnt really bother me as much as much I thought it would. Thanks for the comment 😊

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